Friday, April 06, 2007


Claude left a pretty irate comment yesterday. Jeez. What a grouch. Mr. I'm not in the Front of the Knitting Queue. If anyone or thing has the right to complain it's the Manos sweater jacket. Do you hear him hollering, "Nine Inches!", "You only have *&%%!!# Inches left!!!". Okay, to be fair and picking up around the front. But so close to being finished it hurts. I hadn't actually heard anything from Manos in a long time so I went downstairs and rooted him out. He was meditating, or maybe he was asleep. Anyway, he was some sort of groggy. After a few pokes he opened his eyes and I asked him how he was. I think he said fine and something about wanting to get back into his basket and going back to sleep. Fine by me. EYE CANDY FRIDAY
The coming of spring gives greater scope for pretty pictures, at least of the vegetation variety. A maple tree.

Bleeding heart. Soon to disappear with the heat of summer.

A fern that I had though had died in the long freeze. A nice surprise.

The First Floozy. She'll be an overblown babe by this evening. Still nice to see her again.
HAPPY EASTER! Eat lots of candy. Be safe. Knit. Most of all Have Fun!


At 7:44 AM, Blogger bluey said...

Your eye candy friday never fail me. :)

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Claude said...

Manos doesn't complain because he's hibernating! Everyone knows Manos are capable of hibernating for YEARS at a time!

And I am not being grouchy. I just don't like that little pink tart parading about in front of me. She's flashy; has no manners. She goes all about the house, while I'm likely to become a tangled cat toy at any instant.

Maybe Manos should teach me how to hibernate, then I wouldn't care so much. Completion. The Final Frontier.


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