Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BUDDIES OF THE KNITTING KIND Girlfriends who knit are so cool. They perfectly understand that when you call them you immediatly launch into "I worked on the top down sweater but my gauge was off by half a stitch which threw the sizing off and..." on and on and on. They understand that it's important stuff. It seems normal to them and they probably wish you'd hurry up so they can start telling you about their knitting. Sometimes I can see hubby just looking at me. Is she okay? Has she lost her mind? Actually, I think he's pretty used to it by now. He no longer asks me the size of my stash and if I've actually finished anything.

Yesterday we finally has some much needed rain. It wailed, the wind blew, the trees swayed and so it was a perfect day to drive to Auburn and knit with my friend Sharon. First off, if I haven't mentioned it before Sharon and I go waaayyyy back. We went to college together. She moved not so long ago to Auburn from Dublin and does what I consider a frightful commute two days a week to Berkeley. Thankfully, the other three days she works from home. I'm the sort of person who considers the 30 to 40 minute drive to her house to be incredibly long so the thought of spending hours on a train, even when you can knit, seems rather appalling. I am "stay at home a whole lot" sort of retiree. Even when I worked full time I loved to stay put when I had free time. (I didn't all that much but that's another story.)

Sharon had fun showing me her latest projects. She gets a lot done but I still love her. She said her socks were too big but compared to what Valerie has posted she at least can't turn them into hats. She also showed off her first lace project (what a great color and it was fun to hear her muttering when she referred to the chart - hehehehe). She is also in love with Knitpicks yarn samples. They are gorgeous aren't they?

Sharon did a piece for me on attending Stitches West this year that I played on my latest podcast Trueyarns. She also copied me a pattern from the knit magazine you see below. I noticed the last time I went shopping that there was all of one knitting magazine being offered for sale. Quilters had four to choose from. Humph!

I like this shell a lot. I like tunics worn over light tops. I will put it in my queue for possible future projects. Right now I'm on a tear to actually finish things up. Claude is so darn close to being done. I made the mistake of laying out the pieces on the dining room table and the cats pounced. I couldn't get to it until the next day when they were all out and about harassing the local rodent population. I found lots of fur tuffs and several places where the cotton angora had been stressed by claws. Things tugged back just fine. Whew.

While in Phoenix I bought myself a "Embelish-Knit" to make icord with. My first try wasn't a 100% successful so Sharon gave me a tutorial. This will become the shoulder strap for the felted purse I'm working on.


At 4:51 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Ooh, I am envious of the i-cord maker. I really don't care for making i-cord. Maybe I'm envious of getting to see a knit-buddy in person too!!


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