Wednesday, March 14, 2007

SEWING My friend Suzy has been telling me about the American Sewing Guild and how she thought I would enjoy being a member. Suzy taught me how to sew years ago and over the telephone at that. She is Very Clever. I am less so but she was very patient. I joined but didn't go to the local chapter meetings till three months ago. I'm finding the group to be a lot of fun and am seeing some very nice sewn items. One of the things we do is community service. This year we're making pj's for the children at the Shriner's Hospital. I'm lusting after the duckie fabric and the flowered one too. Perhaps there will be a few scraps leftover for me to squirrel away for a personal project. Tuesday we traced patterns for the pj's and much fun was had by all.
My friend Sabrina has suggested that we find a pattern that we both like and knit it for ourselves. Since we are of vastly different body types this has been a bit of a challenge. We also limited ourselves to something by Elsebeth Lavold. We narrowed it down to three patterns and have decided that this nifty top would suit us both though I might move the design up over my chest instead of being worn proudly across my ample belly. I already have some EL silky wool in rosehip that I had bought for my red sweater project but am leaning towards a more summery color - something pale and cool. I'm spending a lot of time on eBay lately trying to decide. EBay can be deadly - there is a lot of wonderful yarn for sale. I'm not usually a big fan of buying yarn that I haven't touched and sniffed but I am being tempted, very tempted.


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