Wednesday, February 14, 2007


No, I'm not having a blogging orgasm. I'm fondling a skein of the softest wool in the most perfect shade of mauve all courtesy of my Secret Pal Jollin. Jollin has been the greatest secret pal and has sent me some amazing stuff. Opie knew this was going to be good so he tried to get in there first. Sorry Opie, no cat treats. I was barely able to bring myself to share the strawberry filled chocolate with the hubby. I'm sorry I ate the cream filled biscuits so fast. They were so good.
Wow. Where to begin. Yummy things to eat, two postcards from Singapore (one with orchids which I love), some supercharged circular needles along with a hand knitted needle bag. Check out this amazing rose that Jollin made. We.Are.Not.Worthy.
She also made some stunning stitch markers. I am on the floor! Mine! All Mine!! (Did I type that out loud...?)
There is a package of scented clay which smells so good. I love to burn incense (hubby thinks I'm smoking funny stuff down in my studio but I think it's a throwback to my Catholic upbringing). All topped by a beautiful Chinese New Years card wishing me good luck. Thank you so much. I am honored.

On the knitting front Claude continues apace. I'm working on the second sleeve then the right front then the bands. I am liking it a lot. I've also been sewing happy clothes. I've started up with some fun summer pants that are loose and easy. I have another pair about to be cut out along with some odds and ends of the repairing kind (patching up small things before they unravel more).
Happy Valentine's Day to you all. It's not a holiday that resonates with me. I've been wincing every time I was at MSN's homepage and it screamed out "How to Survive Valentine's Day if You're Alone!!!!". Being alone is a) not a crime, b) rather nice at times c) doesn't mean you're a loser d) pretty normal. What can I say? My personal feelings are that we are fed a huge amount of misinformation about what love really is, what it can or cannot do for you. The NY Times on-line has had an article on their most emailed list about what people wish they had asked their partners about before they got married. Things like: dealing with money, who and how are major decisions made, what about children Yes/No? How will they be raised and by whom? How could you not get this worked out before getting married?
I just wish that someone responsible for my upbringing had given me a few realistic pointers. Things like: Passion is great but fades eventually. How do you deal with the day in and day out of being with someone? Conflict resolution/how to resolve problems. 15 easy pointers. Date people who have similar values to you. If you handle money in alarmingly opposite ways Things.Will.Not.Work.Out. Same with sleep cycles. Day vs Night Owl = Problems. Learn to take care of yourself. I'm not sure that as a teenage with raging hormones (and did they ever rage) I would have listened but perhaps at some point I might have started to think about it.
So, not my favorite holiday but I do like all the chocolate.


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