Monday, February 05, 2007


Heather commented that I might need more stress in my life so I can knit tighter and make gauge. Hmmm, perhaps more tension would work. Nothing I do seems to be helping. I am fortunate that at this particular time in my life things are amazingly low stress (and like all things subject to change without notice). It makes a lovely change from my years of working in the always stressful biotech industry. (IT.MUST.HAPPEN.NOW!!!!!) Hubby and I took early retirements and I am entirely ruined for real life at this point in time.

I am finding working with cotton angora to be quite different from wool. I taught myself how to knit and never knew that you should wind the yarn around your finger(s). I do for crochet but that was taught to me when I was a tyke. Why I didn't make a connection is just a comment on how my brain works (or not). Generally my stitches are very even but I am noticing that I'm having to work at it quite a bit more with this project. My gauge (oh, the heartbreak) is all off but holding the back section of Claude over my body shows it to be a pretty good fit, perhaps even a tad on the small size. For now I'm just going to continue knitting and hope for the best.

Sunday hubby and I meet up with my friend Sharon and her husband. We did a short walk and a quick look around at the museum at the Empire Mine. We've done the tour many times in the past so passed on doing it again. Afterwards (and sorry you poor Midwesterners and Canadians - it was a glorious day - sunny and mild) we went back to our house where we all ate way too much food and paid inconsistent attention to the Super Bowl. Quick! Who played and who won? Ummmmm. I think that regardless of the teams involved it should be required that they wear vastly different colors to make keeping things straight easier taking less time away from knitting. Sharon and I knit up a storm, drank tea and ate the darkest most chocolaty cookies I've ever baked. Years ago I picked up a cooking book on chocolate at a yard sale. It's been the best 25 cents I've ever spent.

I was entirely clueless about the Second Annual Brigid in Cyberspace Poetry Reading. I've had a great time reading poetry and next year will try to remember and post a poem.


At 1:52 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

It was the Colts who won. I had to ask a fellow at one of the Gem Show booths Monday morning. I think they're in Baltimore these days.

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous heather said...

Hmm, yes. Tension, that is certainly preferable to stress.


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