Wednesday, January 17, 2007

UNFAITHFULLY YOURS I'm in the home stretch: both sleeves are done on the somewhat cowl. Now for picking up the stitches around the cowl and knitting like the wind. So close yet so far. What can I say? It was late. I was tired but not ready to give up for the night. And I was so very tired of green and ribbing that goes around and around and around. I cast on some rib and cables mitts for myself. I have given myself strict instructions. Knit just a little just so you can imprint the red on your corneas then back to the sweater. I started the mitts on size 3's and things seem a little large. Oh please, I don't want to go down to 2's. I have the bright idea that I will make them longer enabling me to leave the largest part intact and just switch over to the 2's. I have my doubts though. Okay, I'm delusional.
The mailperson brought me a box of sock yarn from Sundara in a lovely color called "Lenten Rose". I don't particularly care for the sock pattern. I don't wear lace socks but I am thrilled to have the yarn. The sweater is being knit in her DK silky merino and though I confess to being a bit tired of the color I am in no way tired of the yarn. It's so soft and slides so smoothly on my needles. The sock yarn will be put to a good use some time after I pick up a couple hundred stitches and go around and around till I have inches and and inches of ribbing.
Opie thinks the somewhat cowl is looking pretty good.


At 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, the cowl is looking lovely. I love how Sundara's yarn pools and flows. Plus, that is going to feel SO good to wear.

I don't blame you for starting the mitts, since as you know I have no self-control both when it comes to casting on and when it comes to the rib-and-cable mitts! Plus, who doesn't hate picking up stitches?

What yarn are you using on the mitts?


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