Sunday, January 14, 2007

NEW YARN IN THE FROZEN WONDERLAND It's mighty cold here in northern CA. Much colder than "normal". I traveled south to the bay area and it was pretty cold there. It was nice and toasty inside Uncommon Threads in Los Altos where I picked up some beautiful red Waterlily to make myself a pair of the rib and cable mitts. I have just enough of the green leftover from the first pair to do the tips with. I had a chance to see the first pair being worn in action. I am happy to report that the yarn is holding up very well. No pilling, no funny snags.I also bought four skeins of Koigu, two in a teal green and two in a black with a slight variegation. The black has strong purple undertones. I'm hoping to make a pair of socks eventually for the hubby with it. The teal? Hmmm, I have been wanting a soft draping cowl tube for myself. I've also seen a very nice pattern for the tube cowl but done in lace. Perhaps my very first lace project? I have a lot of projects lined up in my mind. Some are secret and not to be mentioned in public but most are of the Me!Me! variety.

My Debbie Bliss cotton angora arrived in a blink. Wow. It's lovely stuff though I did go to Knitter's Review to see what they thought and alas, it wasn't highly thought of. Apparently the yarn doesn't pill but it gets fluffy in a weird way. I think it was described as a "used Kleenex look". I am hoping this isn't the case. I've knitted a swatch and matched gauge right off the bat (a very nice change for once) and I like the yarn very much.The reason I went down to the bay area (other than a chance to visit girlfriends) was to attend an art auction and meet the artist, Lynne Streeter. She of the incredible crocheted person. She was pretty busy but we managed to talk a bit before I had to head out. She had kindly gone to a lot of effort to get slides of her "person" printed up. It's now such old technology that not too many places do it. I certainly appreciated seeing it in color.
Some amount of knitting was done on the somewhat cowl. Stockinette can be very tedious but in a short time I will be binding off the bottom. I also went to see the movie, "Pan's Labyrinth" in San Francisco. It's not for everyone but I liked it very much and thought it quite extraordinary.

This morning we woke up to a frozen pond. Even the hummingbird feeder's syrup had frozen. Poor hummingbirds. The fish don't seem to be minding the cold.


At 9:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had written a really long comment and blogger ate it...

What did I say? It's cold here too, down to 28 at night which is coldest it's ever been in our yard. Rob let me have the heater on to 61 last night because it otherwise might have dropped too low for the cockatiel. It's 58 downstairs this morning (about 32 outside) and it's cold enough to be hard to type.

I covered most of our plants, but I think I lost one that I forgot to cover :( Withered leaves. Maybe the stem is still alive and will grow new ones — I can but hope.

Finish that Somewhat Cowl! I can't wait to see it!

At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Cold here too. I think it was 29 degrees when I went outside. The hummer feeders froze, and I'd just filled them yesterday! I've never seen that before in Cactusville. Speaking of, they all went to bed with their party hats on, though I could swear the monstrosus was doing the rumba in the front yard to keep warm.

At 7:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems to be getting colder in the US. Do take care. :)

The yarns are lovely.

I can't wait to see you first lace project. :P

ur SP


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