Monday, December 18, 2006

by Kate
(For you sleepy heads out there here is what Viggo looked like between the sheets this morning. Okay, not really but I do have a very active imagination. Earin)

Stalag 17:


1. How nice to be the Commandant of a prison camp. You have people to lay planks down in the mud so your boots don't get dirty.

2. Peter Graves always had an impressive head of hair.

3. Is it required to put your boots on before you speak to your superiors on the telephone? I thought my job was tough. I wouldn't last a day.

4. I would be very concerned if my bunk mate was a man named "Animal".

5. How drunk do you have to be to confuse Betty Grable with a little Italian guy with straw in his hat?

6. ***KNITTING CONTENT*** One of the prisoners receives a letter from his wife stating she has found a baby on their doorstep and decided to raise it as their own. Question: How long has this guy been behind the wire that he a) believes this story; b) doesn't wonder how his wife got pregnant? Hmm. Later, during the Christmas party, this same man is seen knitting, presumably a baby item. It takes a very secure man to openly knit in a roomful of men in a prison camp, I think.

7. William Holden was quite the man in his day. Never saw a guy wear a bomber jacket so well.

8. Or a stupid Swiss yodeling hat.

9. Never look a gift truck full of ping-pong balls in the mouth.

Bonus Review

This review is very short, mainly because this movie is so well made that it is difficult for me to find things to make fun of. However, I will give it a try.

1. ***CROCHET CONTENT*** For you hookers out there! When Melanie and the other ladies are sitting waiting for their men to return after the "political meeting", Melanie is crocheting. Later, when Scarlett goes to town in her green velvet curtain dress, Mammy has a lovely granny square shawl. (I suspect this was originally a blanket, but it is still nice.)

2. Why is Scarlett mooning about after Ashley Wilkes when she could have Rhett Butler??? I am sure that Leslie Howard was a very nice man, and it is very tragic he was shot down in the war and all, but we are talking about Clark Gable, here.

3. I need to try the "Do you mind if I put my hand in your pocket?" line. That was smooth.


At 12:34 PM, Anonymous suzy said...

"Do you mind if I put my hand in your pocket?" sure beats the Marx Brothers "Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"


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