Friday, December 01, 2006


Or at least it seems like it. The painters have cocooned our house. The windows and most of the doors are swathed in plastic that seems to breath in and out with the house. It's particularly spooky late at night when you're out with the pup waiting for him to finish up so you can all go to bed. During the day the painters loom up, diffused and distorted as a combination of hissing and squirting noises along with laughter and rock and roll seeps in. Yesterday also had a fair amount of thumping. I haven't been able to get a good photo of what it's like to be sitting inside knitting. Things are just too strongly backlit. It feels a bit like a) living underwater, b) what I imagine it would be like as a squatter but with heat and satellite TV c) being behind the plastic barrier waiting for the aliens to come in and start the testing. Muldar? Is that you? I'm sure there is a good scientific explanation for all of this....That said, the painting is going very well. We still like and agree on the colors we chose and the painters are doing a fantastic job. I have finally finished one of the rib and cable mitts. I feel like I've knitted it three or four time with the amount of frogging I ended up doing. I found that when I went to do the end colors, just three rows then binding off things were just too tight so that had to be frogged and reknit on needles two sizes larger. Worked for me. The new skein of yarn flew through the mails and arrived in my mailbox the day after I called. Now that is pretty darn fast. I have high hopes that the second mitt will just fly off my needles and I can put this project into the FO side of my life. The wristlets I made for Lynda ended up being HUGE on her. I guess they were meant for me. I tried then on the outside of my shirt today and liked the results just fine.
I sewed up a very simple vest for my mother out of fleece. I think I get my love of bright colors from her. We don't like to get lost in the dark.


At 9:24 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Wow, your rib and cables came out beautimous! I think I made my thumb wider than the pattern specified, and did one fewer cable in the length, to account for my short, wide hands.

That is one wild vest for your mom. I don't think she will get lost in the dark. I don't think she'll get lost in a cave at the center of the Earth. And she'll be darn cheerful to boot! :-)

At 1:01 PM, Anonymous suzy said...

Like the vest for you Mum a lot. It's nice and chipper, and will keep her warm too. The SW pattern makes up so differently in fleece - who'd a thunk!


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