Sunday, November 12, 2006


No photos yet since I don't have the cable to download to my laptop but believe me, I'm seeing some fabulous things. Sewing! Felting! Collage! Taking a pattern and making garments so varied and different it's hard grasp that they are the same thing. (I'm working on my sock and doing a swatch during the show and tells. So sue me.)

Women, lots of women full of good cheer, great ideas and TALENT! Tonight Pamela of Poozles showed her amazing garments felted from sweaters that she bought at yard sales/thrift store etc. and felted then made into blankets, hats, purses, sweaters. Just lovely stuff. Best of all: we have been having great conversations AND she lives one county over from me.

(I realized I could take photos from Pamela's webpage, save them to my harddrive and post in this blog. The hats were all snapped up by the under 20 set as fast as they could sprint over the rest of us.)

In an hour we're getting into a limo (yes!) and getting an after hour shopping trip to JR Flamingo's. Tuesday we do our shopping trip to Berkeley and SF. Alas, it's still a meet in the lobby of the hotel at 6:45 am.

Tomorrow: a crash course in Collage with Rosemary Eichorn Be still my beating heart.


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