Thursday, November 02, 2006

A dream of stash collected, sorted, organized. Easy to eyeball and find. No more of the frantic sort for that extra skein that "you thought you had". Patterns snug in their little plastic holders, threaded and hung neatly in a three ring binder. Yarn bands with accompanying yarn sample so that I will always know the make, model and how many miles per stitch I can expect. Needles sorted by size, easily found (yes both of a pair - dream big, dream strong). Free from access by puppy or kitten with points sharp and true. A place for my crochet hooks, stitch markers, and the forever never to be found when you need them tape measures. It's a big dream. An important dream. Yesterday I went to Staples and bought plastic tubs. Tubs at $6 a pop. I put yarn in them. I realized that $24 worth of tubs (not including tax) wasn't going to get me far. But it is a start. The question now is:

Yarn sure to be bought + yarn already owned
x number of tubs bought over time

= organized stash (eventually)

Stay tuned.

Secret Pal 9

I've been enjoying my emails with my secret pals. I'm thinking of a gift for the upcoming birthday of the person I'm sending things to (hint, it's chocolate). Yesterday a wonderful package came to me from my unknown person. I have been lusting after the Vogue Stitchionary for ages and ages so this is a major treat to actually own it instead of just fondling it at the store. I also received four skeins of Knit Picks wool. Merino style and Wool of the Andes. I love the colors! I knew that I was starting to be a "real" knitter last year when I no longer just considered the color of a skein but what type of yarn it was, what I could reasonably do with it and other grown up type of things. Amazingly, we all grow up eventually. I just never expected it to happen to me. (Note: this in no way connotes maturity.)

Yesterday as I was walking to lunch I came across this darling waiting for his owner to return. I'll put him under my early Eye Candy Friday category.
Today is the first rainy day of Fall. It's a gray day but not that cold. Okay, it's not that cold because there is a fire in the wood burning stove.


At 10:47 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Ahhhhh... love the rain picture. It's dry and echoey, here. The military jets are making a lot of noise in the sky. Still waiting for the real autumn.

At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad that u like the package :)

ur SP


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