Sunday, October 29, 2006


Hubby and I sometimes laugh about how we both have ADD. Between us we have a huge number of things going on. For my part I feel like my laughter is just a little maniacal. I do so love to start things. Some are for improving the house and garden while others are more creative. I've been moving various plants around the garden and trying to find a spot that my roses and a few other plants would like. That all sounds fairly straightforward. Identify plant you want to move, identify spot to move it to, dig hole, put in fertilizer, plant and good dirt, then water. Well....I live in the Sierra Foothills. The ground is full of rocks. Digging a hole involves using a crowbar, a huge pry bar if the rock is big, a pickaxe, a long narrow shovel. You dig, you pry, you scoop out clumps of pure clay, you repeat these actions several times and then you get to put your plant in. On a few occasions we've run across what appear to be boulders that cannot be removed. You will never run out of rocks in this area.

I also have various knitting and sewing projects that are ongoing. After much musing and a fair amount of swearing the zipper assembly for my new pants worked and just as my friend Suzy predicted I looked over at the pile of hair I had pulled out in frustration and wondered why it had been such a problem. It's really rather straightforward and simple she said faintly from her position on the floor. I have various on-going knitting projects. (We're not going to talk about the older UFO's.) The log cabin blanket continues to grow. I find it perfect for those times I really want to actually follow the plot of the movie or TV show I'm watching and perhaps answer hubby in something more than monosyllables. The blanket is also good for talking on the phone while wearing a headset. I'm still not a good enough knitter to do things that have changes and counting going on without paying a bit of attention.

I am also going through (again) a craze for Yeats. Don't know why. Just feel the need to read poetry at the moment. Hubby has been working hard on repairing a round window in our living room that leaks. He's also caulking and painting as he goes along. He's also been talking to house painters for doing the rest of the house. So far the estimate has been far beyond what we had expected to pay so we shop and compare. I like the new colors we picked a lot.
The weather has been delicious. Warm during the day and cool at night. Hopefully rain will come soon and recharge our well.


At 10:40 AM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Much better pictures of the new colors. I like them a lot. Very rustic. Dick looks so manly, atop the roof.

At 12:47 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

A friend of mine (a professional writer) complains that no one reads poetry anymore. So you prove him wrong. And how can anyone argue with Yeats? "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold..." Ahhh. Go you. As a fellow, apparently nonexistent, poetry reader, I salute you.


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