Sunday, October 22, 2006


Believe it or not I am almost saturated with knitting. My friend Sharon came up Sat. and I presented her with the Irish Hiking scarf wristwarmers. The cable pattern does not show up very well in this photo. I did them in a nice black Elsebeth Lavold angora with some Ritratto S. Charles Mohair/rayon mixed in to give them some glitter. I imagine her wearing them while playing her fiddle, hands flashing in the sunlight. She plays for the White Rats Morris team.
We knitted to midnight Sat. while watching a DVD of the 2005 Academy Award Short Film Collection. Things with subtitles are hard to knit to. I liked the one where the elderly man buried himself alive rather than leave his remote farm and go live in a care facility. I worked on my Mary Jane pattern and drove Sharon bonkers with my inability to read patterns. She thinks I am pretty slow with computers too. Ha! We go back, way back to our college days so we get to rib each other a lot.Sharon brought lots of fiber. We drooled over each others stash. I wonder when a close girlfriend says you have "a lot of stash" does that mean you have too much? I think not. She finished up her shrug and I tried to mirror the photo she has on her blog knitting the shrug. Here she is wearing it.
On Sunday morning she took advantage of my swift and ball winder and went to town. See Sharon twirl! She has been having a good time buying yarn on Ebay.
Alas, Meadow Farm is closed on Sundays but Fibers is open. We spend a nice long time going through pattern books and magazines. Then we headed over to Nevada City where we had a lovely lunch at the new tea shop whose name I do not remember. We had tea. We had regular food. We had MORE tea and dessert. We found where several bathrooms are located in Nevada City. I am full. We ran up the hill (most of Nevada City is uphill) and bought some beads. It was a good visit. I'm tired. And Full. (I know, I said that already.)


At 10:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is good to have a friend meeting up with you, knitting and shopping for yarns. Having tea and dessert. *Yummy*

ur sp

At 11:33 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

I had a great time. and you aren't slow with computers. You just want it to work already and bother the futzing!

Thanks for the use of the swift! I've decided which shawl I will try first. I do have some other projects to finish first, though...

so many projects... so little time.


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