Sunday, September 24, 2006


I've got some seriously great girlfriends. I spent an incredibly fun filled three days at the Sebastopol Celtic Festival with two of them, Marion and Kimberly. This is an annual event with the three of us dumping all family responsibilities and just being girlfriends together. My face still hurts from all the laughing we did.

Girlfriends understand that you just have to go check out the local yarn store, The Knitting Workshop. This was a delightful store with lots of nice yarn and a very helpful owner whose name I did not catch. I bought some more Rowan (it has just hit me that I haven't photographed my stash - it was only two skeins but a very pretty deep pink).

This is a fuzzy picture of Martin Hayes and John Williams playing one of the daytime concerts. Martin does things with a fiddle that dazzles your ears and your eyes.
We listened to a lot of amazing music over the course of three days. Two fantastic concerts on Friday and Sat. night (missed Thursday's - a girl can only do so much) and the day was full of dancers, vendors selling all things Celtic, music workshops - you name it and oh, and many more musicians playing. It was a delight. You could just sit and knit and listen to live music. I found that I could even knit a bit in the dark. One group, Vasen from Sweden were incredible. I had never seen a keyed fiddle before (called a Nyckelharpa - try saying that three times really fast).
I'm going to frog the log cabin and I've already started over with a red center piece. It was a combo of not really being happy with how the corners were turning out and Kimberly saying, Oh, aren't you going to be traditional and put the red in the middle? It symbolizes the heart of the house". Grrr. That ate away at my brain till I had to start over.
After a few comments from Marion about wishing she had remembered to bring her knitting I gave her the catnip mouse pattern from Wendy and a set of needles, along with some extra yarn, a cable holder and then a quickie lesson on how to do cables. The number of women who came up to me and said, "Gosh, I wish I had thought of that" was rather high.
After fiddling in Photoshop trying to make my chin less red I arrived at this color adjustment and thought, "Hmmm, just right!"
Before I took off on Friday we had several days of smoky weather from forest fires up north by Downieville. Even without the fires we have surprisingly bad air in the summer. It blows up our way from Sacramento and San Francisco (cough, cough).


At 1:42 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Heh! The neon picture is pretty funny :)

At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Love the colorization on the "Just Right" photo. It's you! Bright! Sassy!


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