Monday, August 28, 2006


While cruising the blogs and links yesterday I went to the Bay Area Knitters site and wandered around a bit. I came across an entry from the yarn store hosting THE YARN HARLOT in twelve days and gosh, space was limited to 200 knitters and would you please RVSP as there were only 30 spaces left. AACCKKKK!!!!

The entry was dated June 20th. Oh my. Trust me, I did not look anything like the human version of Otis. It's Sunday, I can't reach anyone. I fret. I email. Today I called and All Is Well. Whew. Tragedy Averted.

Speaking of Otis he is now getting outdoor visits twice a day. Omar thinks this is great fun and runs his little orange and white furry ass around the yard. Otis is good and ready for his nap by the time I bring him back in. Last night I observed him trying to hump one of the older, male cats. Sigh, it will another three or four months before he will be old enough to neuter. I sense much unhappiness in the local cat population (and one small dog had better be watching his backside too).
I am approaching the finish line with the Irish Hiking Scarf.
One Random Garden Photo. A climbing rose called "Fourth of July". It's a very pretty variegated red and very happy where it is.


At 9:03 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Irish Hiking Scarf is looking spectacular! Great yarn choice. I know, I've said that before... but it is.


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