Saturday, August 26, 2006


I just plain forgot. I was busy chopping and dicing and making sweet pickle relish. There weren't that many cucumbers so I ended up with only 9 pints. I'm not complaining. I was sincerely tired of chopping. Since I don't eat a lot of relish it should last me for the coming year.

In a fit of insomnia last night I knitted away on my Irish Hiking Scarf and am now into the final skein. I'm still liking it a lot. I think I've decided who I will give it to but I'm not telling - yet. I've been glancing at my unfinished socks and am feeling ready to finish them up. My hubby asked what a katcha-katcha was. I learned about this very useful device when reading Valerie's blog. It's a "handy, compact knitting counter. Wear it like a pendant." I'm still looking for the right piece of ribbon to hang it on. I'm using a bit of Koigu at the moment which works but isn't quite right either.

One of the things that I did today was make some bookmarks. I am always losing mine. I leave them in personal books; I leave them in library books; they fall down between the cushions. Who knows where they all go. Maybe they hang out with the lost socks. There is probably a secret place they all go to and giggle. A few weeks ago I took some photos of hubby while he was reading a cool book, "The Road to Reality" and then I had him take a couple of me. I did a little editing of the background and voila! We have bits of brightly colored card stock to stick between the pages. Now I want some with fur baby images.

A hanging begonia. The history behind this plant is that I originally bought a mixture of colors but they were all orange. The next year I stuffed in various other colors and I had a red bloom. This year I added some white corms and... I have red, I have orange. I love gardening. It is never boring.
A geranium, Mrs Cox and a gerbera (Transvaal daisy)
A verbena. No, a lantana, no a verbena. Heck, I have no idea and I'm not wandering outside and searching for a label.
I seem to still be on a cool weather streak with my eye candy offerings. This photo was taken around Christmas a few years back. It's just a short distance from where we found Otis on June 1st. Most of the land belonged (might still) to Beale Air Force Base which is why it was never developed. It's a lovely place to hike if you don't mind ticks. The area is interspersed with private farms, an old silver mine and lots of geocaches. There is also a great river with good fishing and a rather nice waterfall about 3 miles in from the dirt road. In the spring the wildflowers are fantastic. We don't tend to hike there during hunting season. Those boys just have to shoot their guns and not just where it's legal. Too damn scary for us folks and a pity since it's too hot in the summer for hiking or bike riding.


At 6:31 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Looks like lantana to me!

I like the bookmarks. They look professional. Amazing what a little attention to background will do!

Hey, trade ya some Mission fig or Satsuma plum preserves for some pickle relish... (I spent all day today making preserves, thanks to the generosity of laden-tree'd friends...)

At 5:00 PM, Blogger Earin Marybird said...

You're on - as long as you toss in the recipe for the Mission fig jam. If the relish turns out well I'll ship you some along with a bottle of my homemade plum wine. It's really very good.

At 3:48 PM, Anonymous suzy said...

Lantana. Definitely lantana. Randy's allergic to it. Can spot the stuff at 50 paces!


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