Saturday, August 05, 2006


This photo would strike terror into the hearts of anyone living in the country. It's our well. It is our well in pieces. Well in Pieces = No water. Nada. For some time now we've been experiences water problems. Always in the summer as the water table drops (no aquifers in the Sierra foothills that I know of). The occasional house guest has come out of the shower dripping wet and covered in soap saying, "There is NO WATER!" With our last electric bill (the one where we had to lie down on the floor after looking at the total amount due) we decided to finally get a pro out and see what could be done.

It was decided that our pump was seriously dying. So a new pump was ordered along with a controller. This will keep the pump from straining away, using up precious (expensive) electricity when there isn't any water.

I thought this would all translate into scads of water but alas no. We have water but...only so much at a time. I guess there is a trade off for having quiet nights, starry skies, no next door neighbors, (we don't even have curtains), owls hooting and deer eating your roses. Actually, I think you can have deer even in urban areas. And we all have coyotes believe it or not. Coyotes are very adapted to urban environments.

Another kind of terror of sorts was when we went to see Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth". If you haven't seen it yet, please, please, please do so. He isn't heavy handed at all but the information he lays out is stunning. Now I hate to admit that though I recycle, turn lights off, don't let the water run and so forth (I went to UC Santa Cruz after all) I've been more of the mindset of "We're doomed - there isn't much that little old me can do to affect the outcome". WRONG! I walked out of the theater thinking, "Do I really want to be a person WHO DIDN'T EVEN TRY?". Go see it. It's important.

RANDOM GARDEN PHOTOS A purple dahlia. They really don't do all that well in the garden so out they go at the end of the year. I am heartless. Wave bye-bye!
My hardy banana with the millet in front. I just love them both. They are surprisingly easy to grow.


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