Monday, July 31, 2006

On the road again

Dum, dum, dee de dum, something with my friends again...

Dum, dum, dum, dee de dum, On the road again...

My husband will tell you that I like to sing this song (as described) when we start out on a trip in the RV. Thankfully he loves me A Lot. I cannot sing despite being half Welsh but I like to sing, so I do.

We made our way down to La Honda on Sat. where it was a delightful mid 60's. A mere drop of 40 degrees. I had hoped to be brought to actual shivering but no. Still, it was a gorgeous day and Not Hot.

We left our two adult cats, Opie and Ollie at home, inside with two air conditioners turned on and lots of food and water. We loaded up Otis and Omar, many, many things we might need for this overnight trip and off we went. Otis finds the RV to be a bit of a bore. Omar continues to be a nervous passenger running back and forth between myself and hubby. We now have a nice new collection of scrapes and puncture marks. I found that knitting did not work all that well with two animals constantly climbing up and down your body (there was a fair amount of leaping too). I also discovered that I had not been a responsible sock knitter and miscalculated where the sock began. That meant that after turning the heel - for the second time - I finally noticed that my ribbing was off. Now I can live with a fraternal pair of socks but from entirely different families? Non! So, frog, frog, frog. We are halfway, again, through the knitting of the heel flap.

The wedding was grand. There were several people I haven't seen in quite a while but best of all two lovely brides. Since I haven't asked the newlyweds for permission to blog them I'll just post an edited photo of the cake cutting. (Which was three layers, each different, each fantastic. I ate so much I should be embarrassed but I'm not.)After stuffing ourselves to the point that hobbits would be proud we headed back out of the mountains to my old home in Los Altos to spend the night. This meant several hours of winding our way up, over and down the mountains. Remember, we're in a 26 ft. RV. On one side was a glorious sunset over a sea of spilling fog. No one does fog like coastal California. The tops of the hills looked like individual islands. White and blue grays with red and orange clouds up above. Sorry, no photos I was busy being scaffolding for the animals. On the eastern side the Santa Clara Valley lay bright in stark contrast to the darkness of the wilderness. Well, as wild as a place can remain next to a major metropolis and full of commuter homes. The exposure was long and the camera handheld but it made for an interesting shot. I don't see America becoming less dependent on foreign oil any time in my lifetime.
The next afternoon we drove home and unloaded the RV. I set my knitting bag on the dining room table. A short time later hubby said, "Um, is Otis supposed to be playing with your yarn?" This is what it looks like after I picked it up. It had been spread over about a third of the living room. Did I mention that we have a big living room? Thankfully he used the ball without the sock attached.


At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

The toes in that last photo are a particularly nice addition.

At 8:11 PM, Blogger Lene Andersen said...

Heh. "Scaffolding for the animlas". Best giggle of the day. ;)


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