Thursday, July 13, 2006


I'm a girl but not a girly-girly by any means. Never had my nails done. Could beat my brothers at sports. Either team captain or first picked (boy are those days long gone). That said I look at this photo of Otis and think, "Only a Guy..." My friend Suzy, she of the exquisite gifts, has an orange cat and she assure me that this is Typical Orange Cat Behavior. When not taking up an enormous amount of room on the couch he has been helping me unknot my green mush.


We've had a family of foxes living just to the side of our garage. We tried to get them on video tape at night when they come out and frolic (causing Omar to bark himself hoarse). We have learned first hand why it is nature photographers spend their whole careers working at this exacting craft. It seems to be more complicated than just setting the digital video camera up on a tripod then tromping back inside for another glass of wine and locating the remote. The family has since moved on. Perhaps they were just a little tired of us peering into their den cooing, aren't they so cuuutteee!!??!!

Random Garden Photos

The angled flower photos are because I was too short to get the shot I wanted so I just held the camera up and then tried to straighten things out via PhotoShop.


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