Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I find reading the knitting blogs to be so inspirational. Sorry to sound so Pollyanna-ish but I do. I like the links to other sites, the patterns, the yarn, the bits and pieces of what is happening in a person's life. I particularly like seeing what people have finished.

Beth at Yarn Envy has a great gallery of finished projects which inspired me to follow her link to ChickKnits and buy the pattern for the Eyelet Cardi and the Ribbed Cardi. Now the question is: which pattern to grace with the 5 skeins of "Envy" I bought from Sundara Yarn yesterday and should I get one or two more skeins in a solid color? (Don’t ask my credit card, it’s a little tired right now.) I might be just a little short with only 5 and my calculations for the eyelet cardi says I’ll need 5.3. Decisions, decisions. Then there is taking time out from actual knitting to do things like fix up my very own blog so I can link to sites I like, show my FO’s (of which there are now starting to be one or two) and so on.

The hubby sock continues on. I’m turning the heel. Only one frog so far when I lost my way and decided to go back rather than fret about a mistake. While trying it on the hubby I learned that "he doesn’t like baggy socks". This is news to me. Oh, and he doesn’t like them too high. So I knitted the leg two inches shorter and they were deemed perfect. (Update: since I wrote this I discovered the sock on the floor rather the worse for wear with a small kitten having a great time. He even managed to chew up one of the dpn’s. I think I’ve straightened out the sock but only one side of the dpn is useable.)

On other non related knitting news: It was cloudy and a bit muggy today. "Only" 90F or so. Well, that is a nice drop of 16 degrees and I’m not going to complain. The pool is up and running so I can get wet anytime I want to go to the effort of rolling back the cover. Omar thinks this is all very odd and barks at me when I’m swimming. He is not a water dog. He is able to recognize the old nightie I wear when I’m about to give him a bath. As soon as he sees me in it he goes and hides. Smart Doggie but also Smelly Doggie. Come here you! All that puppy socialization and basic training and he still decides when and where he’ll obey me.

He and Otis continue to be best buddies. I feel like I’ve been moved down the social scale. No longer does my puppy stay cleaved to me but runs down the hallway whenever a small orange and white streak flits by. The streak himself has a vet appt. tomorrow for the first of his shots and to see how things are progressing. He has grown long but is still very thin. I think he will always have a bit of a rough and tumble, pirate type of look about him - not the long-haired elegance of Opie nor the silver grace of Ollie. He is totally fearless. Growls and swats slow him down not at all. Thankfully, the swats from the big kitties have been pretty mild.

While in town today I bought two yards each of these fabrics. I have no idea what I will do with the green/white but it was so just so beautiful and the plaid-ish will become a pair of capri pants I think. This is from the woman who has had a dress pattern clutering up the dining room table for a week plus. I am getting just a little AHEAD of myself when it comes to projects. (picture coming I just can't get the sucker to load) (I've tried several times but photos won't load - sorry no pic's for now.)

A Garden Photo

The Russian Sage has started to bloom and the blue of the flowers looks very nice with the blanketflowers and grass.


At 10:15 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

I * love * the Otis 'n' Omar pictures. Those two are just adorable together!

At 8:00 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Hey! Thanks for the shoutout! You'll love Bonne Marie's patterns; they're very well written.


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