Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Tale of Two Holmes

It was a nice weekend. My friend Lynda drove up from Alameda and did a lot of this: Well, that’s not really fair. She did a lot of things including deadheading a lot of my roses, entertained my dog, and was excellent company on a 2-hour hike and general all around Good Friend. She also helped me pick blackberries which we ate fresh and turned the rest into a blackberry sherbet which we snarfed down so fast our throats froze. I picked more berries today (and took a blurry photo for your enjoyment - 5 years I've had this camera and I still can't make it work right) and will be making a cake from a Sunset recipe. (Just to let you know I have recently started to subscribe to "Cook’s Illustrated" and it is excellent. If you are a serious cook this is a must have periodical.) Recently Lynda emailed me a photo of her Sally Holmes rose. Compare her rose to mine. Alameda doesn’t get pesky beetles chewing things up. Lynda pointed out that I, living in a hotter and dryer climate, don’t get rust on my hollyhocks and roses.

Otis continues to thrive. We weighed him two days ago and he has gained SIX OUNCES. We are now letting him roam around a bit and given him a much bigger litter box. I discovered that it’s easy to take you eye off of him for just a moment and off he goes to wherever little kitties go - that is: THEY DISAPPEAR. After a couple of hours of looking under the couch YET again and many, many times reassuring yourself that he is FINE and not to feel so FRANTIC he pops back into view.

I have completed my second baby sock. "Completed" as in I still need to sew up the toes and weave in the ends. Being unable to focus on anything that I have ongoing I started a men’s sock. Reasoning? I wanted something that didn’t need a lot of attention so I could watch "Match Point". A not very Woody Allen like, Woody Allen movie. I liked it with reservations. We also watched "The Squid and the Whale". An odd but very good film. A fair amount of the French Open was watched too. Hmmm. It didn’t seem like I watched a lot of TV. The men's sock is for my husband but he is giving me a lot of "I'll only wear it for special occasions, will it be comfortable? Hey, a sock is a sock, I buy them in huge packs from K Mart." I feel a little discouraged.

On the garden front another one of my new hydrangeas has started to bloom. Serrata "Miyama Yae Murasaki" – who names these things - can I get a job doing this? The catalog says it will be purple in neutral pH. Mine is pink and very pretty with an unusual double flower. In the past I never really liked hydrangeas mostly because I was only exposed to the mopheaded type in blue or pink – Miyama won’t aspire to the height and breadth of "Alice" (Ms. I'll grow to 10 or 12 ft.) but will eventually reaching 4 ft. or so.


At 9:16 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Jaya has been very careful not to comment on the socks I am making for him. (see I've tried them on his foot as I went, and I know they fit perfectly. And there are mistakes, but how is anybody going to tell that it's homemade if there are no mistakes??

Just tell Dick that the amount of love you pour into these socks will be worth the wait. And I know that he'll be delighted with the results. If he isn't, there is such a thing as keeping some things to oneself.

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Rob's attitude about his upcoming sock is rather similar. I think he won't really understand why we're all mad about handknit socks until he has them on his feet, and doesn't want to remove them. Bet your boy will feel the same!

Glad to hear Otis is doing well!! and the baby socks are darling. And I want your hammock :) (well, and a weekend off to lie in one...)


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