Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Two Ounces!
Yup, we’ve put two ounces on the little fella. One look at his round tummy will tell you where most of it is. He is looking much, much better though still just a little furry skeleton. Otis no longer cringes as you approach; has now done both No. 1 and No 2 in the litter box and wants to be held. His favorite place seems to be up under my husband’s beard. (I like it there too.) He is turning into a happy kitten. He plays and nips (very, very sharp teeth). I made him a feather toy from feathers around the property and he did fierce battle with them. We suffered from fleas and flea bites but now they are gone. (Well, the bites linger on.) The other three animals get meds for biting critters so I think it all just worked out. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. It’s been at least a day since I’ve found any more ticks. I stopped counting at 19.

Last month I mentioned that we had bought new snowshoes.

Well, I can’t wait a year to try them out. We’re driving up to Lassen where the snow is still deep. It’s a wonderful park four hours north and 8000 ft plus elevation so you get a lot of snow. Thermals and hot springs too. It’s my favorite park in California. The main road won’t be fully open till July. It will be a short trip just up and back by the weekend but we will manage to have lots of fun. Omar and Otis will come with us. Omar will play in the snow; Otis will sleep in a cat carrier for the duration. The two adult cats will have to rough it at home stuck inside. It’s a tough life here in the Sierra foothills.

It's hot and I'm tired of gardening. I took the day off and parked my bottom on the couch and read junk. (Being female I also did dishes, vacuumed, hauled things out to the RV ect. but some amount of time was spent lounging on the couch.) It was great - the joys of being retired. The hollyhocks are starting to bloom. They are nice reliable flowers that perk up sections of the yard. Their seeds are a bit aggressive so you spend a fair amount of time ripping them out.

This is a penstemon (beard tongue) which is a gorgeous flower, the most numerous species of flower (I think). My Sunset book says there are 250 species.

The knitting? The SOCK? I decided that since I chose a pattern that did not use a NORMAL heel and I've fussed and fussed over it that I would wait till we got back from slogging through the cold white stuff and take it to Meadow Farm Yarns and have them walk me through it. I can also have them show me how to sew up the sweater jacket. Gosh, I might actually finish up a few things. Now that would be something.


At 8:42 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

Look at that kitty profile! He and Dick look good together.

The sock doesn't have a normal heel? I thought the way I did it was not normal. There's another not-normal way? NOW I'm curious!


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