Sunday, June 04, 2006

End of Day One

A goodly amount of food was eagerly consumed spaced out over the hours of the afternoon. An amazing number of ticks were pulled off (trust me, you don’t want any details). External ears parts were swabbed out gently with olive oil and Q-tips. A "bath" was administered with a warm wash cloth (more ticks were found). Fleas? Yup but Otis is too young for any meds yet. A great deal of napping occurred. By the end of the day he was looking a little perkier but still so painfully thin. I suspect that he would have died in a day or two. All other adorable household pets have been rather uninterested, which is a Good Thing.

The pie tin with litter was recognized as "The Place". Cats are amazingly fastidious. So far it’s just pee since he hasn’t anything else. Tomorrow will be another story. What goes in eventually comes out. Lots of small, non fast moving strokes have been given resulting is some lovely purring. Tomorrow we make an appt. to see the vet. We are going up to Lassen mid week to play in the snow so it will be at least a week before he can get his check up. Till then it will be more checking for ticks, wash cloth baths and lots of warm mushy food. Now let’s get him through the night.


At 7:05 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

Perhaps you should say yours is a 'House O'pets'?

This little guy is adorable. Can't wait to meet him, but I'm sure by then he'll be much larger... he'll grow fast under your expert care.


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