Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bishop and Otis

I heard yesterday that my friend Suzy’s dog, Bishop, had to be put down. He was a magnificent greyhound who would have been 14 in September. He was a fine dog and will be greatly missed. He had a Roo that would make you ears rings as he and Tessa, his housemate, would sing their joy to the heavens.

As the world turns and does things in her mysterious way we went for a hike today out by Beale AFB. We found this as we returned to our car.

We're talking about taking him to the shelter but who are we fooling. He is little more than bones under fur. We've removed many ticks (what did they find to eat she wonders); fed him a few tablespoons of wet food, cuddled him and put him in Omar's crate tucked in the guest room. He has water, three cat toys, catnip, a blanket and a pie tin full of cat litter. I figure he won't have a clue about the litter but I'll transfer any waste over and he will catch on. Cats are smart. His eyes are still blue so he's probably under six weeks, he has Huge Balls and hopefully no brain damage from lack of nourishment. I looked around the area but couldn't find any more kittens. Dumped? Pregnant mother dumped? People are so stupid and cruel sometimes. Omar is intrigued. The kitten (Otis?) was feisty enough to get out of the plastic tub on the drive home and climb around the car. In an hour or so I’ll give him a little more food. Wish him luck. He’s so thin he needs all the Good Wishes he can get.


At 10:04 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

With those big ears and thin face he looks a bit like a kangaroo! What a darling. Poor baby -- but lucky baby to have been found by you guys. Good luck and best hopes for health for him! We got adopted by a stray nearly 10 years ago, and have been grateful ever since.


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