Thursday, May 11, 2006


There’s nothing like a profile shot to make you realize that the Sixties were a long time ago. Oh well. The hat is finished! Okay, so it didn’t quite follow the pattern and it looks a little strange just by itself but it feels great, is a little Rastafarian, and doesn’t look half bad. It’s done; a little late for a birthday in early May and the weather has become a little warm but maybe for the early morning walk she takes daily or for next fall. I have also decided that the caul caps will work out after all. All I need to do is put a little elastic in the headband. The hat also needs elastic in the roll up band. Since my friend will not have hair for three more months this will be the perfect bridging cap and a nice change from just scarves. Thus ends my foray into massive hat/scarf/cap making. Now back to the sweater jacket and then my summer dresses.


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