Saturday, April 22, 2006


I’ve knitted the first buttonhole (my very first ever). Then I ripped it out. I decided to change the pattern. Egad! I wanted my button to be in a little more and I also found a flaw in my choice of button. It has a decorative edge that is incised. This is catching the yarn. Hmmm. I’m rapidly approaching the second buttonhole and new yarn color. So far so good. The pattern has had problems. It calls for A, B and C colors then proceeds to forget B now and again. A careful check of the photo does show B. For someone like me it’s hard to tell if it’s the pattern or did I just do it wrong. I’m counting my blessings that I’m doing the most simple of buttonholes – no band to sew on – just bind a few stitches off and add them back on the way back.

My basic book of knitting arrived yesterday (Vogue Knitting on the Go: Beginner Basics) and it appears to be just what I need. The projects are very, very basic but the nuts and bolts explanations on how to block and other technical issues are just great. Lots of drawings and pictures. I seem to know a lot about stitches but not much about how to get everything to fit and hang together. I have only done a quick look-see but the book didn’t seem to recommend washing your swatch as per the Yarn Harlot’s recommendation. I’ll go with the Harlot every time.

I should get the right front finished over the next couple of days. I’m heading down to the bay area to take a friend in for her last chemotherapy session. She’s always very tired afterwards so I make dinner and we sit around and watch movies. A perfect time to knit.

Just because I’m so proud, here are some flower pictures from my garden.


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