Thursday, April 20, 2006

No Progress

At least not on my sweater jacket. I’ve been busy doing this.

Rain is predicted for late tonight and tomorrow so I’ve been gardening as fast as I can - starting seeds, weeding, mulching. My mulch pile grew today and it came from here.

My husband is very tired but the tree branches are finally chipped. These are the two trees that came down while we were in Death Valley. I hate it when we lose trees. The oaks take so long to grow. It’s a "not in my lifetime" thing but we plant new ones regardless. It takes about 4 years to finally wean the transplants off of watering. Oaks in the wild don’t need supplemental water but those from the nursery do till they get their taproot down.

This is what the trees fell on. I had a lot of good times with that truck shell. Camping trips, naps at work, the occasional cry when the day was particularly hard. I had a pregnant co-worker a few years ago who would use it to take naps on her lunch hour then wander in all pink cheeked four hours later. It was very useful and cozy.

I keep forgetting to buy Woolite to wash my pieces in. I’ve never blocked anything before so it will be an adventure. I forgot to add "how do I block my sweater" to my simple questions yesterday at Meadow Farm Yarns. The second yarn store couldn’t tell me. The lady at the counter had never made anything that needed blocking. I did my usual fall back – I surfed the web.

I downloaded some photos tonight and found this pretty late afternoon view taken during a break in the rain a few weeks ago. The light was very unusual and very green. The view looks east towards Nevada. It doesn't seem to be the same from day to day so you have to keep looking.


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