Monday, May 08, 2006

If it’s spring it must be time for Snowshoes!

I drove over to Reno on Sat. to see friends run a half marathon Sunday morning. I’m always impressed when people I know do such things. Mostly I’m stunned that anyone would willingly get up at the crack of dawn for any reason at all. I am a creature of the midday to the early hours of the new morning. I start to feel at my peak around 10 pm. Well, I like my friends a lot so we went and it was fun. Omar the dog had a good time meeting strange dogs and their owners (we're hoping for some digital photos to be emailed to us of Omar boxing with a poodle) and getting entangled with leashes wrapped around legs and arms. It was fun. After the race we all met up for a HUGE breakfast which I am still digesting.

On our way back ( it was a caravan - hubby was in the RV - he had been out in the Nevada desert emoting testosterone while riding his dirt bike with other hairy, farting and scratching members of the male side of the human race and I in my pickup truck complete with small dog plastered to my boobs) we stopped in Truckee and hit the after season sales of outdoor gear. I’m only bummed that it will be a WHOLE YEAR before I get to try these babies out.

As usual when I travel I’m impressed and a little worried at how all the small towns are growing. It seems that there are huge tracks of land being built with mega complexes of condos, along with big houses on tiny lots so you can watch your neighbor eat her dinner while you make yours, and shopping malls. I guess it's PROGRESS. People have to live, eat and shop somewhere but does it all have to look the same?

I seem to be inherently incapable of following a pattern. The hat seems a bit large but then it is supposed to be "slouchy". I decided it was long enough and am now decreasing. It's also hard to take a photo of yourself in a mirror so this is the best I could do even with adjusting it in PhotoShop. My husband laughed so hard when he saw this picture.


At 9:59 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

Patterns are meant to be adjusted. Following one perfectly doesn't guarantee the thing will fit. Better to trust your instincts,and try it on a lot. I think it looks wonderful.


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