Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ah, home at last. I loved living in the bay area but I love the Sierra foothills so much more. It’s not only been sunny for a week or so it is now getting hot. The visits and lunches with girlfriends were all fantastic and best of all the chemo session went smoothly. I spent part of it knitting, reading and just visiting. I was pleased to see that my new and improved sewn scarf design worked very well.

I had a wonderful time at Uncommon Threads in Los Altos where a very helpful staff person showed me lightweight yarns to make a summer hat. I even remembered to bring my discount card so $10 off and because of the amount of my purchase (no, I’m not telling) another 10%. The addition to my stash looks like this.
Things are a little messy because, 1) while waiting for my turn with the chiropractor yesterday I found myself amusing a very adorable 5 year old boy who liked my "rope" and 2) after doing my swatch (no, I did not wash it – I’m bad) I found that despite having three jars of needles I didn’t have two of the three that I need for the hat. So, gosh, another swing by the local yarn shop. I suffer so.

The yarns are: Rowan -wool cotton; Trendsetter Yarns - 70% Super Kid Mohair/30% Seta silk (the most amazing color and so soft) and Koigu KPPPM - 100% Merino. I also bought a Vogue book on sock making. I think I'm on the slippery slope here.


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