Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hot and Sweaty

I am hot and sweaty. It’s 87F and a bit humid. We usually have a dry heat but we’re still recouping from all that rain. The plants have loved it all. Things (and not just the weeds) have grown a lot this spring. Some of it is that anything you plant that is a perennial takes about three full years to get established and look good. It doesn’t help that I tend to dig things up and move them around as I change my mind how things should look. This clemantis has been moved twice. I think it is telling me to please leave it alone.
I’ve done little more than see my chiropractor today (digging and hauling huge wheelbarrow loads of weeds takes it toll), had lunch with a girlfriend, bought enough tea to last me through the summer if I manage to drink 2 gallons a day, and shopped for groceries. Perhaps I can spend the rest of the afternoon finishing up my hat. Then I can move on to making a couple of summer dresses with this stuff. One fabric will be the godets for the other fabric and visa versa. I also just realized that this pattern is lined so back to the fabric store - but not today. Oh, I also can’t find my needle gauge. This is most annoying I’ve had that gauge for many a year. My first thought was that the couch had eaten it. A search turned up several single socks (don’t ask – I haven’t a clue either but I suspect that the puppy is involved) but no gauge. I need coffee, lots of coffee. Now the hunt for the gauge and some dpn size six needles..


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