Thursday, May 18, 2006


This is the first year the peonies have really made a lot of blossoms. Hey, I only moved them twice in the last five years! Of course, now our 95F heat is keeping the flowers from lasting very long. The iris are about done but there in the background, can you see it? Our pool. It isn’t quite ready yet though. Dick is balancing the ph and killing everything imaginable with the chlorine; then there is the sweeping out of debris and waiting for the new cover to be delivered then, then, we get to get in and get wet. Olympic sized it is not, but you can paddle around and cool off anytime you please. 95F is pretty average for around here in the summer (please note that it is the middle of May - which is NOT summertime). One year we registered 102 for several days. Just a little toasty. Nevada county has a lot of rocks so pools are generally above ground and ugly. We’ve talked for the last five years of putting lattice around it but it other things have higher priority.

A question you might ask yourself is where does a 17 lb. cat sit? The answer is sometimes in our hammock. Both cats jump up and swing themselves periodically. Ollie is looking just a little on the heavy side though in this picture. He loves to nestle like a baby over your shoulder then flip over so he can lie back in your arms stroking him. Yeah, you try that with 17 lbs. Eventually you arm falls off and you’re covered in fur. I’ve been perfecting my pet the cat with one hand while I comb with the other. Both cats have pelts that would keep them comfy come December in Alaska. Think massive shedding. I think if you removed all animal fur from my life I would sicken and die. It has become necessary for my existence. To all my allergic friends: I am so sorry but they are just so cute.


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