Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reno Ho!

We are back from a quick trip to Reno. What a dull and overblown place. Despite all the neon lights, the games that make lots of noise, the glitter, the gambling I must confess - I find the place incredibly boring. I must be out of step with the general population of America. Circus Circus was packed with many, many not very happy (or healthy) looking people - most of them amazingly fat. We were greeted with a wall of cigarette smoke as we entered the building. Living in CA you just forget what it's like "out there". To me a person smoking looks like someone with a SERIOUS DRUG HABIT. I suspect that because smoking brings in lots and lots of $$$ it's legal.

Our trip to Reno was to meet up with my husbands' extended family - his late wife's mother and father and family connected to them. (Sadly, Dick's wife died about 9 years ago after a very long struggle with breast cancer.) One couple had originally eloped to Reno 25 years ago so that explained the venue.

This was my first time meeting everyone and they were all very gracious and kind to me. People kept telling me how happy they were that I had married Dick. It felt just a little odd that so many people had been thinking of me and wishing me well and I wasn't even aware of them! It finally occured to me that my stepson might have actually said nice things about me when he spent the winter with them. Hmmmmm.

Once we hit the buffet my diet was destroyed. I have consumed a tremendous amount of sugar, fat etc. and will now have to wrest my diet back into my life lest I become one of the obese zombies wandering the endless corridors of a casino somewhere.

The trip was literally 26 hours but it seems like so much longer. After all the heat we have started having rain again. The blanket that I had just removed from the bed is now back on and shorts have given way to light flannels and a sweater. On our way home back over the mountains it poured and we saw some beautiuful lightening. At the higher elevations the dogwoods have just started to bloom. The cats were happy to have us come back and let them out and Omar is very glad to be out of the RV. He does not travel as well as I had hoped.
I spent most of my time while riding in the RV either holding the dog or knitting a sock. It has enough mistakes that I will frog it out but I liked it enough to try again. I didn't have any solid color to add so it's back to the yarn store. The yarn is Koigue hand painted. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting Socks Two, the Rib and Panel.

Later in the day I finally got the elastic put into the hat and finished two of the caul caps. One more and I'm done. The elastic really helps. I also made the second caul a little deeper in the crown so it can be pulled down more.

Dick is snoring on the couch, the animals are running around outside and I think I'll see what to make for dinner and get some things put away.

Home is such a nice place.


At 3:36 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Hey, your socks rock! ( I love socks.) And your hats aren't too shabby either, I know Katrina will love them.


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