Thursday, May 25, 2006


I frogged my sock because of 1) too many mistakes and 2) because I thought the solid color along with the variegated would be a nicer look after all (what me follow the pattern?). So, off I went to Meadow Farm looking for a solid colored Koigu (does it come in solid colors?). Seems they want to carry it but can’t get it. Have called several times, no one calls them back. Hmmmm. I had no idea that the stuff was so special. I know that it’s wonderful stuff but I assumed you could buy it at any good yarn shop. According to MF they select only special stores to carry it. There was nothing really matching it other than somewhat heavier baby cashmere, which I am trying without much luck. I tried casting on 20 of the solid, 14 of the variegated then 20 again of the solid. I was unable to figure our how to connect, cast on etc. using the first and third – well, I am confused. I have little wads of cast on yarn that I've literally ripped off my needles. It didn’t help that I was trying to knit holding everything up high and over to the side to try and clear the phalanx of critters draped across me. I shall try again. Maybe hiding in a closet. (Note: I'm not jealous of DancesWithWool - honest. How does she whip out stunningly beautiful items within a couple of days? Oh and toss in a little exquisite embroidery to boot.) I hope her daughters are taking advantage of her skill and talent and are learning A Lot. Me? I could learn a little Finnish and hang around for a bit and learn how to really knit. I like snow. I even have snowshoes.

Speaking of ribbits as I was peeking at my seedlings this morning I came across this little guy. He and a couple of his friends have been hanging around our pond looking for love. They are pretty darn loud for such small fellows. I place him at an inch maybe one and a half at most. Most of the frogs are gone wherever frogs go in the summer time so their chances of getting lucky are pretty low.

More gardening photos. Finally the roses and the clemantis blooming together as planned along with the hollyhocks which want to take over the world. Oh, and I did finally finish up the knitted hat and the three caul caps and managed to get them mailed off. I do finish things. I do.


At 7:53 AM, Blogger Sharon said...

What a beautiful swallowtail butterfly! Your garden is gorgeous. I wish I had the temperment for gardening, it's so nice to be around growing things.

Socks are great. My other projects revolve around them (I'm currently knitting a felted bag to carry my sock projects in). I can't wait to see yours with both yarns. Persevere! I know you'll be able to make it work. The knitting community is vast, you can find help if you need it.


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