Sunday, June 18, 2006

Random Thoughts of the Day

Wear earplugs when you vacuum. Your hearing is precious.

Don't eat crackers when wearing earplugs. Trust me.

The smaller the cat the further s/he can toss the litter out of the box. It should be a sporting event.

If you're in a hurry traffic will be slow. Deadly slow.

It's hot, freaking hot.

Stash Enhancement

I made it to Meadow Farm on Friday and had a very good time. Isn't it amazing how many dollars worth of yarn a person can charge in under 10 minutes? I felt a little breathless. I think the Australian Merinos will be perfect for the hubby socks. I've knitted up an inch or so on size 2 dpns and I'm thinking that a size 1 might actually be better. It looks and feels wonderful. This is nice stuff.

I also fell in love with the yarn in the background to makes socks for myself. It's MeadowFarm yarn -"Handpainted in the Gold Country". Oh my. It's 100% superwash Merino wool and there is enough for four socks. It's dyed locally and very beautiful. I've had a problem since I started using my new orthopedic inserts in my hiking boots. These are boots I wear pretty much every time I do a hike with the dog so they get a lot of use. My usual, LLBean socks are too thick now and my regular socks are too thin. What to do, what to do. I KNOW! I'll knit myself some "Just Right" socks.

I finished the baby socks. I'm not entirely happy with the toe weave though. The weave actually looked a lot better on the inside. Is this "normal"?

Hammock Update

My hammock has a another friend this weekend, Kate, she of the really cool bat panel. We had fun gloating over our various yarns and she has some wonderful and unusual crochet hooks.

Omar loves Kate. All my animals love Kate and these are critters that come running by to hide when company arrives.


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