Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Day of Summer

Happy Solstice! I always love the first day of summer. I like the sunshine and the long, hot days. I spent four years as a child in the Canal Zone in Panama and long days with lots of light seem just right to me.

Otis continues to thrive. He’s over 2 lbs now and full of beans. I have let him sleep in the bed for the last few nights. It all works pretty well till the early hours of the morning when Omar decides to chase him. I’ve been getting up early to beat the heat and get some gardening done but 5 am is just a little too early for me. I’m also still collecting scratch marks. He nailed my boobs this morning and they are looking rather sad about it all. Sorry - no photo!

While Kate was here I ogled her crochet hooks. I learned to crochet when I was very young. For a period of time a very old lady (I was so young that she was probably all of 50) who lived down the street from us in Kentucky taught me. I remember making doilies and doll clothes with a 000 hook and the yarn she gave me was in awful colors of primary yellow and red. Really dreadful stuff. The house was so hot because there was a new baby and they were afraid the baby would catch cold. Funny what one remembers. One cool thing about being an army brat is that you live in so many different places and get to see so much. I taught myself to knit over the years. It’s been pretty hit or miss but I’m slowly improving. I’m almost done with my second sock and it will be a race to see if I have enough yarn. There has been a small amount of fudge factor involved with the pattern but they look rather good I think.

Kate found a wonderful website for handmade hooks. She also has a very nice cloth case for carrying them.

I’m a little worried today. A very close friend of mine is being checked out at the hospital. So far nothing has been found but Things Aren’t Right. Please wish her luck.

More Garden Photos.

Asian lily

A rudbeckia called "Irish Eyes" with some yarrow and a potentilla called "Helen Jane". I grew them all from seed. Clever me.


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