Thursday, June 22, 2006

Done Deal

The socks are done and for what is pretty much my first pair I’m not too displeased. They even feel pretty good in my hiking boots. They stay up; the tops fit over my large calves; they certainly will be warm. I have put them in my sock drawer where they look smugly over at all the common store bought socks. Now to look at the one sock I've knitted out of the Koigu to see if I can figure out the heel.
My friend is back home from the hospital. Some adjustment to meds but overall nothing serious was found. Having recently watched the first season of Grey’s Anatomy (a most excellent series) I hope this isn’t the part where the doctor says you’re fine and the next thing is that the monitors go crazy and 5 doctors and 12 nurse’s rush in. I spent yesterday walking around with a worry frown giving myself a heck of a headache. Worry, worry, worry, worry.

Omar is spending a lot of time doing this. I’ve made safe spots for the kitten to run to. It doesn't do much for making my home look tidy but it buys peace of mind. Omar means well but he gets a bit rowdy at times despite my assiduous daily walking. After a fair amount of trial and error I’ve managed to wedge the bedroom door so that an intense mini rat terrier cannot push it open. Meanwhile, while not hanging out in the bedroom they do a lot of this. I have taken to having thick towels on my favorite chairs so I can cover my legs. Otis throws himself up my calf and then claws his way up. Not really as much fun as it sounds.

I started watching "In Her Shoes" last night but couldn't stand it. I'm not sure I'll even give it another try. It was just annoying which was strange since I like the two lead actresses. Is it worth trying again?


At 3:29 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Your socks are *gorgeous* !!! Nice work!! And love the colors. I don't usually like orange, but these look like sunsets. so pretty!

The dog and kitten are hilarious (and, I can see, challenging). Gotta love Otis. He's holding his own!


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