Monday, July 03, 2006

Fourth of July at Chez Earin

Here at Chez Earin we have no starving teenagers as per the Yarn Harlot’s. As you can see from the photograph - the three of the 5 males in this household things are, well, feeling rather laid back. Soon we will all stir and the two humans will head out the door to join a picnic in progress. Just how many knitting projects am I taking? Um, a few.

After enjoying the anticipation (I’m one of those slow opening of presents sort of person – something you would never guess if you met me) I unwrapped my early BD presents and found this amazing box of 100% cotton threads to help with my sewing endeavors. They are so pretty, like a box full of jewels. That inspired me to finally make some progress on adjusting my summer dress pattern (you can actually use the dining room table at the moment but give me 5 more minutes…) My friend Suzy gives the BEST presents. She truly has a gift.

Around here and at this time of year if you stick you hand out to do some gardening you’re likely to have a preying mantis run up your arm. It’s not nearly so startling (they are just so primitive looking with the eyes and triangular head) when they are babies. They are also incredibly hard to photograph so this is my best result.

I rephotographed the two swatches of lavender fed Navaho wool and the Llama. I’m thinking of finding something that goes with the Navaho and knitting it down both sides with the Navaho in the middle done with a nice cable pattern. I might add some embroidery too. Just dreaming here. At the moment a table runner is what calls to me. It is just not soft enough to think of clothing, even outer wear but I'm open to suggestions.


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