Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dragonflies and Preying Mantis
(and potholders too)

My thanks to Steve Cresswell for posting this lovely photo on the web of an American Rudyspot dragonfly. I’ve been seeing them along the canals when I’m out walking the puppy. They’re like little red jewels flitting over the water. I’m getting to the point where I can tell a darner from a damselfly from a skimmer. I was always the junior naturalist at heart. I like to know the names of things. When I was much younger and living in Carmel Valley, CA (a glorious place to have been and it’s still rather nice) I would hike with much older folks – folks more in the range of my grandparents. I was always amazed at how much they knew. The names of flowers and trees, the behavior of animals and so forth. Now that I’m getting older (not quite that old YET) I can see that a lot of it was a combination of time, experience and having a desire to know about the natural world. That said, I woke up this morning to find a baby preying mantis next to me. S/he made a lovely color combo of bright green on blue pillow casing. I do a lot of things in bed but I’m not usually clutching my digital camera. (I continue to have issues with loading photos so no fabric pic. either. I guess blogspot likes some of my pics and not the others.)

We went to Roseville today to do some major shopping. When you live "in the country" you make expeditions for supplies. It was hot, boring, tiring and not a lot of fun. I thought there was a chance I might finish the first of the hubby socks. Then I found that the heel turn that I did at 2 in the morning (no, I do NOT have insomnia) proved that I cannot count past 5 and even then you had better check. I think that when the hubby sock is done I will endeavor to take a photo of it with a small kitten dangling off the bottom. Otis has made this sock BEYOND interesting. He seems to be able to find it anywhere I put it and rip it off the needles in a heartbeat. With great foresight I had also tucked the Mason-Dixon book in my knitting bag so I was able to read about knitting. I’ve taken an in progress shot with my sock artfully placed over some of the incredibly beautiful potholders my friend Suzy made for me from scratch AND embroidered. You can't really see much in the way of details with the sock but Suzy is a master level sewer. You know, the type of person who whips out wedding gowns for friends with eight foot trains (she made mine four years ago but it was a tea gown from the 1920's. I'm not a train kinda girl.) Years ago when I was recovering from surgery she taught me how to sew. Since she lives in Phoenix and I lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains it was a challenge. It was fun, instructive and just all around great.

Otis went to the vet today and he was such a little champ. There were two big dogs - doggies who were very curious about little kitties. Did it bother him? No. The guy is fearless (or perhaps clueless). He is gaining weight and doing well. One shot administered by a nice techie and no tears at all. Our last stop on the way home was to the Grower’s Market where I bought lots of fruit. I am sipping a fruit sangria as I type and It Is Lovely.

Random Flower Picture

This is of a bouquet that I put in my husband’s bathroom a few weeks ago. It’s a combination of geum (Mrs. Bradshaw) and a some volunteer sweetpeas.


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