Sunday, July 02, 2006

It was just One of Those Days

Yesterday was hot and a bit more humid than I like though next to what my friend John in Boston thinks of as "humidity" meant I didn’t even register on the scale of sticky. We went to see "Prairie Home Companion" in the afternoon. It was really good. A little darker than I had expected but great fun. Meryl Streep really can and does sing. Stopping to pick up our mail there was not one but TWO packages for me (sorry Hubby, they are MINE). One was Laura Bush’s "Knitting Vintage Socks" and a DVD of Billie Holiday music. Yes, the photo is a bit fuzzy. What a great book! I can’t wait to try out some of the patterns. The other box was in honor of my birthday (a little early) from my friend Suzy. It had two skeins of wool that she asked if I would take a look at and "could I possibly find a way to use them to make something for her". Can anyone say, "Oh please! Please don’t send me any yarn. Really. Please. Just. Don’t. (Sound of maniacal laughter in the background.)
One skein was "from the rare sheep of the Lavender Fields of Navajo-Churro". It’s a natural undyed off white with a very small amount of a darker fiber flecked through it. It’s on the scratchy side and the skein holds 228 yards. The other skein was a natural yellowish brown Llama 2 ply and as soft as butter. It knitted up like butter too. You know the butter you set out in the morning for making cookies later in the day. Butter that is holding its shape but this close to being melted - exactly that soft. I wound them up and knitted two swatches both on size 7’s. They knit up almost exactly the same gauge. After washing and blocking the NC stretched a little across and shrunk up just a tad. I am getting the same stitch count though. Perhaps I missed a half stitch last night. The Llama didn't shrink or stretch and is just as soft. With less than 100 yards I don’t know quite what I could knit with it clothing wise. It would make a wonderful next to the skin item. Photos of the guage sample just will not load.

It’s a lazy Fourth of July holiday weekend. Since we’re both retired you would think it made no difference but somehow a holiday weekend always seems a little more languid.

The Birthday Box? It has several wrapped presents which I have permission to open early; an adorable tape measure with a tiny tea kettle on the end. A FANTASTIC book from Threads about how to do things "beyond patterns" and to the right in the photo a great card (as usual).

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At 6:00 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

neat book! I have a different sock book that I haven't tackled yet. We should compare and swap patterns.


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