Thursday, July 27, 2006


I don't actually have a picture or ten of my favorite orange kitten today. The photos I took with the good camera, the expensive camera, are fuzzy. We still can't figure out what's wrong with the flash. (I am using the martial Royal "WE" here. I don't think I was even in the room when the camera was being assessed.)

In my typical ADD behavior mode I've been working on several things and never quite finishing anything. I am turning the heel on my second hubby sock. I had to frog back a few rows when I discovered that I hadn't knit over far enough. I usually mark major transition points so when I frog there is no doubt when I need to stop. I have a lot of problems with my markers falling off so sometimes I use a piece of yarn. (Note to Self: You buy expensive markers but use yarn scrap - hmmmmm.)

I'm having a LOT of problems with my gauge sample for my Chickknits lacy cardi. I'm swatching with that lovely green DK Silky Merino that I bought from Sundara. It's just like cream in your coffee to work with. It's almost a pleasure to knit swatches over and over and over. Otis loves it too. He can find it anywhere I put it. I found him inside my knitting bag last night frogging away. This bag was UP ON A SHELF. I spent yet more time untangling but thankfully not like my original disaster. Anyway, gauge. I'm off by half a stitch and Sundara says the yarn has a tendency to expand when washed. The pattern size will be a little large to begin with so I want to make sure I don't knit yet another sweater than I can wear and share with a couple of friends. (Are you cold? well, come on in!) I also purchased some metal needles. Most of my wooden ones have teeth marks on the ends.

I continue to struggle with godets. I think I've finally cornered them into submission. At one point I realized: 1) I hadn't actually sewn anything complicated in a very long time. 2) I had never done princess seams before. 3) I had never done godets before and 4) I have a new machine - this doesn't sound like much but it is. I switched from my mother's 1966 Sears Kenmore to a 2003 Husqvarna Lily 535 . Though I didn't manage to get the dress done before my birthday (notice how I'm still talking about MY birthday? That's a middle child for you) I'm hoping I will get it done to wear to the wedding I'm attending in La Honda on Sat.

La Honda where predicts it will be...

Just perfect for a sleeveless dress with kicky godets.


We have a small pond (yes we got to use heavy mechanical equipment to dig a great big hole in the ground and it was FUN!). We have three koi and a whole lot of smaller fish. Apparently the smaller fish MESS AROUND and make even more even smaller fish.
A blanketflower with bee. I continue to be impressed with professional photographers.
A really pretty purple cosmos.
Some much less frilly but still very nice cosmos.
And more blanketflowers of a burgundy color.


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