Friday, July 21, 2006

Otis would like to go Outside I've taken him out a few times but lately it's so hot I would rather stay indoors. Except that Omar the Magnificent knows that early evening is when he gets to chase balls across our meadow and eat rabbit poop. He's a dog - he's very big on poop. Once Otis is outside he runs all over the place and dashes under the fig tree when he is startled. He's also small enough to get into some very difficult to retrieve places. He can be very hard to catch.

I was busy making pickles yesterday so Omar had NO exercise. I was a bad mom. So, today, at 7:30 am, we went down to the canal and walked. He pranced in front of me just full of energy. I was thinking of the iced coffee I had foolishly left on the kitchen counter. His hindlegs were so excited that they kept overtaking his front so he pranced sideways. It was very cute.

Pickles and Chilies

I was a little surprised at how many English cucumbers there were once I started picking them. Just a bit under 23 lbs. I also picked a small bowl of hot chilies which I put in olive oil. I like to use the hot oil when cooking.

I tasted the pickles this morning and I Am Pleased. I found a website that said to have crisper pickles to process at a low 180F. I also bought great spices which all combined to give me something worth all my effort and so many dirty dishes. Random Garden Photo

This is a closeup of a purple millet. It's an incredibly easy plant to grow and a lovely color. It has started making long spikes of seeds so I expect the birds to be very happy soon. You can see a bit of my hardy banana growing to the right and some orange canna to the left.


At 4:00 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Ooh! Pickles, yum. In my gardening days (which I hope will come again, maybe next year), I made a lot of pickles. They sure are yummy. Be glad I don't live nearby because I'd sneak into your house and steal them ;-)


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