Wednesday, July 19, 2006


It's really hard to think of anything to blog about when it's this hot. I am continuing to work on the second hubby sock. (We won't mention that my dress, which had been sewing up so nicely is now bogged down at the godet stage. They look so straightforward but...) The sock is just a few inches long but seems to be knitting up much faster than the first one. I sometimes feel a little unworthy when I read a blog and they've cast on a sock and a day or so (or less) they post pretty pictures of perfectly knitted finished socks. I must just be slow or unfocused. I like to watch (mostly listen) to TV or music while I knit. Come summer time there just isn't anything on. I've seen ALL the Law and Orders and I'm bored with all my music. I've watched all of our DVD's and our VCR gave a strangled scream a while back and died. (I think there was smoke too.) So I can't even watch the odd things that we have taped and that are taking up so much space on our bookshelves. I think it's time to try the radio. My friend Sharon mentioned a knitting podcast that I've never checked out.

It's too hot to do much other than an early walk with Otis and maybe a bit of gardening before retiring indoors. Most of my gardening seems to consist of watering. Tomorrow I pick cucumbers and make pickles. My pickling spices from Penzeys came today so time to get the jars and lids out.

Random Garden Photos

By this time I can see what worked and what didn't quite come off in the garden. It's a frustrating time since there is still lots of summer left AND fall, winter and spring to pass by before I can start again.

This is a photo of a sunflower called "The Jester". I like it and apparently the caterpillars do too.
I like the second photo a lot because it has a resident spider. This one is called "Cinnamon Sun". I have one more called "Chocolate Cherry" which has not yet bloomed. My collection of sunflowers is a bit on the low side since "they looked just like weeds" during a weed whacking session done by Mr. I'm going to have a really warm pair of socks handmade for me by my loving wife.

We also have grapes coming ripe. This particular plant (actually there are four of them) has never managed to bring fruit to ripeness since we moved here five years ago. I was assured by the previous owner that they produced so heavily that she "didn't know what to do with so many grapes". We have lost crops to white fly, lack of water, mold and our ever present and ever hungry deer - despite a large fence (Fence? Joe, did you see a fence?).
My corn continues to prosper. This is heirloom corn from the mid 1800's. I'm trying several very old things this year from Native Seeds. I've some much more mundane corn growing behind it.


At 11:43 AM, Blogger Valerie said...

love the sunflowers. Great pictures, too!


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