Thursday, August 03, 2006


No, not that kind of stash - FABRIC stash. We did a quick run into town today for odds and ends. I went into the fabric store while hubby did a bank run. They were having a 50% off sale. Gee, and me with serious time constraints. Never Fear! See EE grab bolts! See EE make piles! See EE whip out her credit card! And the sale runs till Tuesday. Heheheheheehe. I. Am. Doomed.Having lots of fabric stash is very much like having a huge stash of yarn. You just have a feeling that all is right with the world. You're okay somehow. For some serious stashes go look here. Trust me, you'll either decide you're okay or know you've got a lot of company with the same sort of storage problem.

The Demonic Duo continue to run around the house creating havoc as they pass. I've taken to hanging up my knitting bags and keeping my projects in ziplock bags that remain zipped when not in use. It helps. A. Little. I was thinking of how much time I've spent getting yarn untangled, the hubby sock stitches back on the needles and just sigh. The hubby sock No. 2 is still waiting for the heel to be turned (again).In the meantime I continue to find things like this:
Otis and Omar have a routine where Otis knocks things off the tables and shelves and Omar chews them up. You can't tell by looking at it but the tape measue (Sorry Suzy) had a session with Omar recently. How he managed to pull the whole thing out is beyond me.

Random Garden Photos
One of the long term plans I hatched for the garden was for a very pretty silvery blue morning glory to wind its way through the pineapple sage. The sage, which I bought for a dollar at the local Growers Market a few years ago, is HUGE. It will eventually reach 6 or 7 feet and burst into a mass of red flowers in late summer. Not bad for a buck. Today I noticed that one lone morning glory had reached the summit and cried out in joy! I Bloom! Therefore I AM!


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