Friday, August 18, 2006


My beloved left yesterday for a week of cruising the backroads of California. I miss him a lot when he's gone but I also enjoy my time alone. I lunch with friends, work on my projects, talk on the phone and send a lot of emails. Wait, that sounds like my regular day. I have a couple of secret projects at the moment that I hope to talk about soon too. I also go to the yarn store for solace. He just looks so much cooler on his bike than I do.
I recently joined an Irish Hiking Scarf knitalong. Well, I need new yarn, right? I bought some Classic Elite Inca Print 100% alpaca. It is so soft. I was thinking of buying a lovely variegated ruby colored yarn from Mountain Colors but they only had the one skein and that was not enough for the scarf. I spent a fair amount of time fondling the baby yarns and thinking of items to knit for my recently married friends. I just have this feeling. They are crazy for all things purple so that will be my theme.

Sundara, on her blog, Purly Whites, proposed that Friday becomes Eye Candy Day and that bloggers post photographs of pretty things. has predicted that things will be getting hotter next week so I though I would dig into my photo stash and post some pictures of what things look around here in the fall when it's nice and cool. We can't rival the fall colors of the eastern part of the country but the oaks do a nice job and there are a few maples too. The pond at the moment looks quite different. Beavers have built a dam where the water flows in and the water level has dropped.


At 7:34 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Earin, your "cooler weather" photos are just beautiful. You have a great blog! I clicked on the link in the Yarn Harlot's comments because I misread and thought your name was Arin - my sister's name is Arin and it's so unusual I had to check out who you were.

The yarn you selected for the Irish Hiking Scarf is SOOOOO pretty - don't worry a bit about having used that size 9 needle - when it's finished you'll love it - and alpaca has a tendency to relax quite a bit though it usually fluffs a little too.


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