Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I noticed that I haven't been posting lately because I really didn't have much knitting content to show. I do love it when I turn around and realize that I've been puttering through my life according to my self imposed "Rules of Living" and that they have nothing to do with anything other than stuff that needs to fall out of my head. I had to remind myself that the reason I called my blog "EverythingEarin" was that I wanted to blog about many of my various activities. I was originally inspired by the knitting blogs I had been reading (face it ladies and gents, you are pretty fascinating) and knitting is certainly a huge interest but I do a lot of other things. One is to make up the summer dress with godets a second time. I love the phase, "I learned SO much making this". Read: it was a major pain in the ass; I hadn't a clue to what I was doing, and it is now crumpled in a heap in the furthest corner of my closet. Okay, it wasn't really that bad but it didn't turn out as well as I liked. I found that the lining just made it all too thick and stiff. Out with the lining. I developed my own way using a hot iron, good arm pressure and some clever stitching to get the godets in while singing "I did it MY WAY!!!". This second round is going so much more smoothly and I may actually end up with a dress that I will wear This Summer. How cool is that?

Otis continues to thrive and being the only unfixed (for now) male in the house (hubby excluded) he is driving all of us crazy. He is now getting outdoor sessions. He runs around for joy and when he gets out of sight he cries piteously. The second thing he did yesterday was run up a tree and cry for help. Just about the time I was starting to worry he hopped down and ran off after a leaf. My dad used to say that you didn't find too many cat bones up in trees.
I am down to the toe decrease on the second hubby sock and to be honest with you none of this is sounding all that familiar. Perhaps that I finally fell asleep around 5 am and was up around 10 has something to do with it. I had hoped to wrap this up, slap it on my darling's feet and show you a TA DA! photo before my motorcycle loving darling hit the road for a week long trip on his bike.
RANDOM GARDEN PHOTOSA few blogs back I showed a lovely photo of grapes clustered delightfully as we waited for them to come fully ripe. I mentioned that we've never actually managed to get any grapes for various reasons. I headed out this afternoon ready to cut them down and found that yet again we are grapeless. The raccoons did leave us these three sad little guys. Thankfully we have other grapes now covered in protective netting. It's a dangerous world out there in Garden Land.
And the second round of figs are now coming ripe. Raccoons, birds, rabbits and foxes all love them too. There are so many that we all manage to be happy.


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