Thursday, August 10, 2006


A few blog entries back I said something amazingly stupid along the line of how easy the second hubby sock was coming along. I obviously offended the Goddess of Knitting. After an initially easy start it was one thing after another and none of them Positive. This peaceful little guy ripped, tore, shredded, unraveled and chewed the sock. I swear, he hunted it down. All on my own I managed to drop stitches, not get them back on the needles correctly, lost track of where I was, who I was and what the heck I was doing.It appears that I have turned the corner and the heel on my bad fortune. I had a very kind hearted offer of HELP from Marilyn of The Knitting Curmudgeon. However, I felt that I wanted to give the sock one more try. After all, I did manager to turn the heel and finish the first sock pretty much true to the pattern. Hopefully Marilyn will let me have a raincheck for help on a future project.For my birthday (notice how I'm still talking about my birthday?) I received many a nice thing. One thing, a cutter, I rather overlooked. At first I thought it was a broach. After all, it clips on and has a nice little picture of yarn and needles. Suzy, the giver of this very cool item, told me it was for cutting yarn. It's safe, you can't cut yourself without a huge amount of effort and you can take it on airplanes. I have stopped digging around in the bottom of my knitting bag when I need to cut something and just snip my yarn off with this darling item. Trey wonderful!RANDOM GARDEN PHOTOS
A bouquet of zinnias. Last year I saved seeds from my favorite zinnias and have been duly rewarded by massive amounts of flowers like these. The colors are just amazing.

A true amaryllis (Brunsvigia rosea) called "Naked Lady" because it put out greenery in the spring which then dies back completely. In August the leafless stems push up and lovely pink trumpet like flowers emerge. You have to be careful when you transplant the bulbs though because if you do so at the wrong time you won't get any flowers for at least two years. Don't ask me when is the right time. I can't remember. Even my Sunset Western Gardening book dithered and said "if moved at the wrong time". Ha! I do recall a Sunset article years ago on the culture of this plant and when NOT to move the bulbs. I guess they didn't bother to research their own files. To the right are some yarrow and in the background a Mexican sunflower called "Torch".


At 4:55 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

Otis is still too cute for words! Love your Naked Ladies. I still miss the wonderful bunch I had at a previous house. They do not transplant well, AT ALL, as you mention, and I wasn't able to bring any with me. So I'll vicariously enjoy yours!


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