Monday, August 21, 2006


My Irish Hiking Scarf is about doubled in length from yesterday's photo. It's an easy pattern and for cable rather simple. I'm not very experienced at knitting cable but this pattern only has you doing cable every eighth row and only three times during the row. Still, it works and it's fun to knit. I'm just about through the first of the three balls of alpaca. Like all knitting if you zone out you zoom past the pattern and then have to tink back.

Today I added a Flickr button to the right of my blog. I will say outright: I have HTML anxiety. I've read a bit about it, it's logical, it makes sense and when faced with a page of code I panic. I seem to have lost my profile information though it was there when I previewed things - honest. (It appears then disappears. It's a mystery.) Who knows. I will have to figure things out at some point - or not. I've loaded lots of photos to Flickr including this photo below. For some time now I've had an urge to knit a person. Just knit away using odds and ends of wool on large needles. I will felt at some point then add on, embellish, crochet, poke holes, sew things on etc. Just an idea I have in my head. Eventually I will probably treat it so that it will stand (or sit) unaided. Stay tuned. I'll be posting photos of my progress.

A close-up of a hardy banana leaf. I like that it had one or two small holes breaking up the pattern.


At 3:13 PM, Blogger Sharon said...

Is that the top of the head in profile? Amazing what amazing things knitters come up with. Have you heard about knit-tagging?


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