Tuesday, August 29, 2006


First it was eggs and tomatoes with way too many hot peppers. THEN I discovered (and remembered) that I bought FOUR skeins for the scarf. I am not "almost finished" In. My. Dreams.

On a more soothing note I'm including two photos of one of our favorite dog walks. Nevada county has lots of canals, literally ditches that were originally dug to move water to various mining operations. They are now owned by the NID, which stands for Nevada County Irrigation district. The water is gravity fed to many households. It isn't supposed to be used for drinking but I suspect that many people do. I wouldn't but my mama raised me to be careful. I spent my childhood in Panama which is gorgeous but also has bugs and bacteria that would knock you off your feet.

This particular canal is quite small. Water is shut off via a sluice gate by early winter/late fall. Some of the canals are quite wide and deep. It's a great place to exercise, walk your dog off leash and just enjoy the scenery. This particular canal walk seems to get little usage yet is just 5 minutes away from my home. I've seen turkey, deer, fawns, cats, various birds, squirrels, coyote and raccoon scat and once some mountain lion prints. Now that was a bit awesome. Omar has the chance to run like crazy after various beasties without a chance of catching anything.


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