Sunday, September 03, 2006


I recently pulled out a very old book on crochet put out by Sunset waaayyyyyy back in 1975 (I'm old - get over it and by the way just how long does copyright stuff hold up?). Yesterday I was thumbing through it again and I came across this immensely cool sculpture. Is it not just amazing?

Get this: The header for the description reads: Bizarre. I guess tastes have changed or I'm just twisted but I love it. I've googled the artist, Lynne Streeter, and I think I've found her. I'll write and see if she has a color picture that I can have. I haven't made a lot of progress on my knitted person but I've done some. I've been finishing up other things and working on a couple of secret projects, one that I hope will be unveiled by next week. I've been going through my stash (and does it ever need organizing) and pulling out swatches, along with bits and pieces of things I've knitted that either didn't work out or I'll never go back to. I'm binding those off then I will felt them and see if they can be cut and stitched into my own "Self Portrait to Wear".I've had the idea of knitting a person for some time so I strongly suspect that I came across Ms. Streeter's work and it lodged in my little brain
Here are a couple of scans of items that the book thought would make good projects. I did notice that things have changed over the years at least in regard to safety. Those perky potholders (their description) were to be made out of rug acrylic. Just what you would like to be using while working over a hot stove or an open flame.

Still somewhat confused about copyright laws I will try to cover my ass by telling you that this scan came from a really great magazine called "BARK". If you like dogs this is a great magazine. So just start knitting or crocheting your pup a cool collar that yips, I LOVE YOU, Furry Butt.


At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Suzy said...

Greyhounds! The put cool collars on Greyhounds! Needle Noses Unite! Greys always have the best collars.


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