Wednesday, November 08, 2006


My friend, the blogless Kate, has done several reviews of older movies. (Sorry, no craft or knitting content again with this post. )

If you enjoyed my review of Bullitt, I present for your reading
pleasure, my review of The Towering Inferno:

1. I am amazed that the entire Hyatt Regency Hotel can fit inside the
Bank of America building. How can this be?

2. SMcQ* looks good in a fireman's outfit.

3. Fred Astaire is, well, Fred Astaire.

4. Whoever dressed William Holden in a red smoking jacket has an
ironic sense of humor.

5. Faye Dunaway's dress is a miracle of modern engineering, even
more so than the Glass Tower itself.

6. O.J. Simpson as a security guard??? I feel sooo safe.

7. Sleeping with Robert Wagner is hazardous to your health.

8. Despite #4 and 5 above, RV** is still the best-dressed person in the
room. (It must be in his contract.)

9. SMcQ's second in command appears to be played by the same guy who
played his partner in Bullitt. (More research required.)

10. One of the fireman was Dirty Harry's partner in Magnum Force.
He did better in this film, he made it to the end.

11. Richard Chamberlain should have been killed much earlier in the
film, he was a jackass. Susan Blakely could have done better.

12. Jennifer Jones got a raw deal.

13. All the firetrucks had the requisite number of hubcaps.

14. Jackie Bissett ***serves no purpose whatsoever. (Oops, mind glitch.
She's actually not in the film, but who would notice?)

SMcQ* Steve McQueen
RV** Robert Vaughn
Jackie Bissett*** Note: If you are a charter member of the Jackie Bisset Fan Club we offer no apologies.


At 1:59 PM, Blogger Valerie said...

oh good, she did write more :-)


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